Three Instances In Which Your Steel-Toe Boots Should Stay At Home

While construction steel cap work boots have their place at work, they do not always have a place outside of work. If you are going to the local pub to have pint when work is over, you may find that the boots have to stay outside. Anywhere there is a possibility of a fight, you may see signs telling you to remove your "steel toes." Here are a few other instances in which steel toes are not acceptable casual footwear.


Since there is a propensity for violence in nightclubs (due to the mix of lowered inhibitions and alcohol), more and more nightclubs are telling patrons to leave the steel-toe joggers and steel-toe boots at home. They will not allow you to enter, and the bouncers will bounce you at the door. Then your mates can go in, and you will be stuck outside. Some clubs will let you in, but only if you remove your boots. Given what steel toes cost, most patrons wearing them are reluctant to remove them for fear the boots will get pinched.

Football and Rugby Matches

Unless you have never attended a sporting match, you have probably seen some hooliganism up close and personal. Football and rugby both get quite wild at times. In this instance, steel toes have been banned from the playing field on the players' feet and the feet of the fans.

It prevents some very nasty injuries should the players start brawling or the fans charge the field and run over others along the way. A single kick to the head with steel toes can produce quite the concussion. If you are going to attend a football or rugby match, leave the steel toes home, or you can expect to get ousted at the arena or playing field gate.

Working Electric Near Water

There are steel toes that are specifically made for electrical work near water or wet areas. However, unless your boots are clearly stamped with the correct symbol for that kind of work, you should wear some other protective footwear. The combination of water and electricity is shockingly bad, literally, and you do not want to lose your pension because you wore the wrong footwear to work. If you need new boots that are approved for electrical work, talk to your supervisor to see if you can charge a pair against your next paycheck. It is a smarter, less risky decision than wearing the wrong kind of steel-toe work boots.

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